Welcome To Alter’d Core

Revolutionizing the approach to personal fitness, Alter’d Core seamlessly combines all aspects of exercise to deliver phenomenal results. Integrating strength training, core exercises, cardio, flexibility, endurance, and balance training into every movement – not just every workout – we streamline your workout while optimizing each effort. Easy on the joints, spine and soft, connective tissues — there is nothing else like the Lagree Fitness Method.


We invite you to discover the difference an integrated workout program can make. With most people being new to the Lagree Fitness Method, however, we work to keep safety as our highest priority. Here’s what to expect:

Constant effort

Every session includes a variety of workouts utilizing the Megaformer M3K. The innovative machinery allows you to enjoy constant muscle tension. This level of safe and consistent strain streamlines your workout, allowing you to activate your entire body and to get a great workout in less time than what a traditional gym offers.

A challenge

It’s likely that you’ll be confused and challenged, especially when first starting with us. You will, however, be personally guided through each exercise by a highly skilled and certified LFM trainer. You’ll be working your muscles in a variety of new ways but will always be under the watchful eye of one of our personal trainers.

A 45-minute, full-body workout

Your workout is scheduled for 45 minutes. During that time, every aspect of fitness will be included. Your session is designed to integrate strength training, core exercises, and cardiovascular and endurance training. You’ll quickly elevate to fat-burning, calorie-busting levels and be motivated by fun, encouraging instructors and upbeat music.


Be ready to work!

You’ll need to come motivated and ready to push yourself. Wear comfortable clothing meant for exercise, but avoid baggy clothing, as it can get stuck in the machinery. Grip socks are required for safety, and we highly recommend you bring a personal water bottle, but leave all jewelry and sneakers in your locker or gym bag.

New clients: be ready for something new

Get ready to experience a new level of fitness! In order to provide the necessary information and instruction you’ll need for safety’s sake, we require that you get to your scheduled workout session at least 10 minutes early. We’ll introduce you to the Megaformer and help you learn the methods in order to ensure its proper use. If you can’t make it early, we’ll, unfortunately, need to reschedule you for a different class time.


  • A positive attitude, focus, and intention!
  • Comfortable, breathable clothing but nothing too baggy
  • GRIP SOCKS— you can bring your own or purchase them from the studio
  • Water


  • Baggy clothing
  • Dangling jewelry
  • Strong perfumes
You should also come prepared to take your shoes off since sneakers are NOT permitted on the Megaformer.