Alter’d Core offers our members next-generation fitness classes by utilizing the Lagree Fitness Method, which is performed on the revolutionary Megaformer. Fitness guru Sebastian Lagree has created the most innovative and effective approach to full-body conditioning. This method is the perfect blend of cardio, strength training, core exercises, flexibility, endurance, and balance, not only in every workout but also in each and every move! Alter’d Core integrates resistance and counter-resistance training, creating an intense yet low-impact workout that is safe on the joints, spine, and connective tissues. There is nothing else like it!


You can expect 45 minutes of muscle-shaking, calorie-burning total-body conditioning. Please expect to be challenged and even a bit confused at first. You will be working your body in ways you have never before by going through a series of SLOW movements with quick transitions between exercises. This will keep your heart rate elevated and in the “fat-burning zone” for the entire 45 minutes. Our instructors and our upbeat music will guide you through class to insure you have a positive experience.


  • Come to class with a positive attitude, focus, and intention!

  • Please wear comfortable, breathable clothing, but nothing too baggy…we don’t want anything getting caught in the machines.

  • Grip socks are required for safety and sanitary purposes. You may bring your own or purchase them at the studio.

  • Water for hydration is always a good idea.

  • Sneakers are NOT permitted on the Megaformer.

  • Please leave dangling jewelry at home and refrain from strong perfumes.


If you want to sign up for a class that is full we recommend you put yourself on the waitlist. If a megaformer frees up, you will be notified via email and added to the class. The 8-hour cancellation policy still applies to the waitlist. If you are on the waitlist but cannot make the class then you MUST remove yourself from the waitlist. If you are added to the class and can’t make it please cancel before the 8 hour mark. If you fail to do so you will lose your class credit and those with Unlimited Monthly packages will be charged $15 late cancel fee. All No Shows will be charged a $20 fee.


You must be at least 15 years old to take a fitness class at Alter’d Core. If you are under 18, your parent or legal guardian must fill out a waiver and information form.


To get started, simply fill out our convenient online form or call or email the Alter’d Core team

directly. It’s that easy.

If you have any more questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us now. We promise a prompt and friendly response by a courteous and knowledgeable professional.


Please be notified that all instructors, classes, and rates may change without prior notice. Visit the class schedule for any and all updates.

All fees for class participation must be prepaid before attendance is granted. No refunds will be offered, and all fee submissions are final. Class registration is not eligible for transfer or exchange with other Alter’d Core members.

Alter’d Core is not responsible for any bank overdraft fees incurred by the member.

PHOTO AND VIDEO POLICY: Your attendance in any Alter’d Core class implies consent to having your person captured in video or photography by either staff members or media sources. We reserve the right to use all resulting materials (photos, videos, and audio recordings), without restriction, in promotional materials, advertising, news articles, website content, social media and any other manner of marketing.

If a member prefers to not have their image captured while participating in any Alter’d Core class, they reserve the right to advise a member prior to the beginning of their assigned class.